What are Copyright Free images
The images I take during your special day belong to you and not me.

You have already paid me to take pictures of you, so why should you have to pay for any subsequent copies.

99.9% of all photographers retain the copyright and therefor do anything they wish, with your photo's.

They could put pictures on the Internet, publication or sell them for profit, all without requiring your consent.

At RT Photography we freely give the copyright out with all wedding packages.

This allows you and your family and friends to have prints produced at the standard Photolab prices.

Some photographers in the Norfolk area charge up to £25 per 8inx6in print, but this will cost you, on average, about £0.40p.

**** Any lab receiving copyright free images on CD from RT Photography may print the pictures without any hesitation, and this notice serves as a copyright waiver for all weddings or Portraits loaded on to a CD with the following image numbers:


RT - RT Photography
06 - year
0050 - job number
raw - capture format
0001-Image number

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